Illustrations and etc. by Tyson Hesse

All drawings and doodles by Tyson Hesse: professional comic, storyboard, and design artist.

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    Welcome to episode 1 of Cartoon Book Club. We discuss cartoons cus we enjoy them maybe too much? Our first ep dives into who we are, our “credentials” and the main topic: Klasky-Csupo. The past and some present? Future? We don’t know, but we watched a lot of Rugrats.

    Next time, we will dive into the world of Doug and Douglike shows. What’s a douglike show? HERE’S A HANDY GUIDE. You can find most of this stuff on youtube or just google search the show and “watch online” and you’ll probably find something. Watch along with us when we dig deep into Doug.

    We don’t have a set schedule of when the new shows will drop, but just follow us here and you’ll know.

    Theme song: My Favorite Homepage by Paper Rad

    ifn’ you want to download it directly, go here.

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      good listen because I love listening to people talk about cartoons. Even though their facts on Goof Troop are wrong!...
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