Illustrations and etc. by Tyson Hesse

All drawings and doodles by Tyson Hesse: professional comic, storyboard, and design artist.

For contracting information please email boxerhockey at gmail dot com

    These are some detail shots of the new wallpaper over at Boxer Hockey. They show a little technique I’ve started to use in some of my coloring jobs to make pictures not look so flat.  When most people color in a simple cel style we break up colors into different areas and this can make everything look a little stale.  In real life colors are always bouncing off each other and reflecting on each other, especially when the lights get brighter.  So something I do is I bleed a little of the surrounding colors onto each other if appropriate.  Like Crystal’s skin onto the frog, or a little of the surfboard’s blue onto Ryan’s armpit and the red of her sarong, etc.  I do this by just selecting the area and putting a very faint gradient onto the shade layer.  It’s a really subtle touch but it’s something that can bring a palette together.  Try giving it a shot!

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